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Chaos Erupts As Aircraft Crashes And Ignites In Ikeja, Lagos (IMAGE)

Chaos Erupts As Aircraft Crashes And Ignites In Ikeja, Lagos
Chaos Erupts As Aircraft Crashes And Ignites In Ikeja, Lagos

A state of turmoil unfolded in the Oba Akran area of Lagos State as a light single-engine aircraft, turbo 5N-CCQ, crashed onto a major road, engulfed in flames.

The incident took place adjacent to AP Filling Station and a commercial bank on Oba Akran at approximately 1.41 pm local time.

The unfortunate J4 30 aircraft, equipped with a piston engine, was carrying a pilot and three passengers.

Due to the incident, motorists and commuters hurriedly sought refuge, causing a traffic jam at the site and nearby roads.

Although the identities of the occupants remain unknown as of this report, it is believed they were foreigners conducting a test run on the ill-fated plane.

FG orders probe as test-flight plane crashes on Lagos road

Members of the local community were quick to respond and were the initial rescuers of the occupants before government rescue teams arrived.

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Stanley Mohawa, an eyewitness who participated in the rescue, recounted, “When we managed to bring them out, there was fire. Their belongings were falling from the plane. They were conscious and talking to us, although unaware of what had happened.”

The prompt intervention of the AP Filling station staff aided in containing the fire before the Lagos State Fire Service arrived.

The aircraft, operated by Air First Hospital and Tour, crashed from an altitude of 1500 feet after departing from Murtala Muhammed International Airport, MMIA.

The South West Coordinator of Nigeria Emergency Management Agency, NEMA, Ibrahim Farinloye, commended the community for their assistance, highlighting the importance of timely rescue in such situations.

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The Nigerian Safety Investigation Bureau, NSIB, has launched an investigation into the accident and is seeking public cooperation in providing pictures, videos, or other forms of evidence to aid their comprehensive inquiry.



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