Breaking News: Tinubu Blocks Non-participants In Unga From Federal Government Travel
Breaking News: Tinubu Blocks Non-participants In Unga From Federal Government Travel

In a significant stride towards curbing the burgeoning expenditure of governance in Nigeria, President Bola Tinubu has issued a directive to the Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ushering in a freeze on visa processing for government officials intending to journey to New York for the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA). The directive applies strictly to officials lacking tangible evidence of their direct engagement in UNGA’s official schedule of events. This salient announcement emerged via a press release from the Presidency on Monday.

The statement outlined, “In a bid to forestall any dubious practices in this realm, the United States Mission in Nigeria is duly instructed to align with official visa processing protocols. Simultaneously, Nigeria’s Permanent Mission in New York is entrusted with the task of halting the accreditation process for any government official who does not feature on the protocol listings endorsed by the authorized entity.”

By virtue of the President’s mandate, all Federal Ministries, Departments, and Agencies bear the responsibility of ensuring stringent adherence to the directive. Specifically, the officials granted approval to partake in the UNGA delegation are required to maintain a judicious balance in the number of aides and accompanying staff who will join them in the event’s proceedings.

Any instances of excesses or inconsistencies will undergo rigorous assessment during the conclusive verification phase. The President underscores the imperative that this decree embodies—emphasizing that both government representatives and expenditure must reflect the prudence and shared sacrifice exemplified by conscientious Nigerians across the nation.

The bold move by President Tinubu highlights a resolute commitment to fostering fiscal responsibility and aligning governmental practices with the broader aspirations of the nation.


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