Australia Is Considering The Possibility Of Hosting The Men's World Cup In 2034
Australia Is Considering The Possibility Of Hosting The Men's World Cup In 2034

Australia has expressed a keen interest in hosting the men’s World Cup in 2034, as revealed by the country’s football governing body on Friday. This aspiration comes in the wake of successfully co-hosting the largest-ever Women’s World Cup with New Zealand, and Football Australia aims to leverage this experience to organize more significant tournaments.

James Johnson, the Chief Executive of Football Australia, emphasized the organization’s dual focus on local and global impact. He highlighted their commitment to bringing major global football events to local communities, citing the ongoing success of the Women’s World Cup as a stepping stone for future bids. Johnson outlined their consideration of both the expanded Club World Cup in 2029 and the men’s World Cup in 2034.

When questioned about the details of Australia’s bid for the 2034 World Cup, Johnson affirmed that Australia is destined to host a men’s World Cup eventually. He suggested that following the model set by Canada, which hosted the Women’s World Cup in 2015 before securing the rights to the upcoming Men’s World Cup, would be a sensible blueprint to follow.

Drawing parallels with Canada’s experience, Johnson pointed out that successfully hosting major tournaments could foster a positive relationship with FIFA, potentially leading to further opportunities. Australia is already gearing up for a series of major sports events, including the Olympics in 2032, indicating the nation’s commitment to being a prominent player on the global sports stage.


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