Anglican Bishop Voices Concern Over Nigerians Suffering in Severe Pain
Anglican Bishop Voices Concern Over Nigerians Suffering in Severe Pain

, Bishop of Ibadan Diocese, passionately addressed the prevailing economic hardships that have plunged many Nigerians into profound distress, defying the initial assurances of their transient nature. His poignant remarks came to the fore during a significant sermon, coinciding with the consecration ceremony of four new bishops within the Church of Nigeria, Anglican Communion. The momentous event took place at the revered Archbishop Vining Memorial Cathedral Church in Ikeja, Lagos on a recent Sunday.

Eminent among the ordained were the fresh Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Lagos, Ifedola Okupevi, and the newly appointed Bishop of Akoko Edo Diocese, Ebenezer Saiki. The consecration further encompassed the esteemed Venerable Collins Babalola from the Anglican Diocese of Ajayi Crowther and Venerable Festus Nwafili of Ndokwa Diocese.

Akinfenwa’s resonant words echoed, “Even if we proclaim the adversity as transitory, the undeniable verity remains—people are grappling with excruciating hardship. In times of anguish, it is the clergy that provides solace, offering their steadfast shoulders for the distraught to lean on, and a haven for tears to be shed.”

He candidly addressed the multifaceted challenges besetting the nation, asserting, “Amidst the cacophony of devotions echoing across the land, the prevalence of corruption, crime, and ailing societal norms cannot escape our collective notice. A society’s leadership is often deemed a reflection of its constituents. Even a leader heralded for unwavering integrity and a staunch advocate against corruption faced the formidable pugilism of corruption during his tenure.”

In his counsel to his fellow spiritual leaders, he imparted sagely, “Guard against diversions. The work ahead is voluminous and demanding. This ascension to ecclesiastical responsibilities is not an attainment to flaunt but a gauntlet of duty to shoulder. Regard this as an invocation to serve, not a laurel to adorn.”


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