After A Crusade In Ibadan, A Pastor Vanished Along With 52 Phones And Money

According to reports, Dr. Owen Abraham, a pastor from Gambia, is currently evading the authorities after allegedly stealing 52 phones, cash, and other valuable items from attendees of a crusade that he organized in Ibadan, Oyo State. On the final day of the three-day event, Abraham purportedly claimed that he had received a message from the Holy Spirit instructing people to surrender their possessions, but then disappeared with them.

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The victims of the incident, who had been enticed into the crusade with promises of food, money, and scholarships, were unable to locate Abraham on the last day of the gathering, despite their best efforts. Mrs. Grace Akintola, a widow who attended the event, claimed that the pastor had enlisted the help of an Igbo woman in their community to gather widows and students, telling them that he wanted to aid them.

In addition to the false promise of scholarships, Akintola said that Abraham had also pledged to furnish a house for one of the attendees, and had offered cash rewards that exceeded even those of some politicians. On the last day of the event, he reportedly sold attendees a bottle of water for N4,800, claiming that it contained perfume. Many people paid for the water, according to Akintola.


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