Adamu Garba, APC Chieftain, Defends Himself After Admitting University Expulsion

Adamu Garba, an influential member of the All Progressives Congress (APC), has made headlines for admitting to his expulsion from Kano State University of Technology in Wudil, Kano state. However, he has not let that setback stop him from becoming a successful entrepreneur and founder of a multi-million Naira empire.

Garba has defended his academic credentials on Twitter after facing criticism online. He pointed out that success stories such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates also faced academic setbacks, but went on to become global leaders in their respective fields.

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Despite his expulsion, Garba has become a prominent figure in Nigerian politics and business and continues to inspire others with his determination and entrepreneurial spirit.

Replying to 99% OPPRESSED, who tweeted;

I just found out that @adamugarba is not a university graduate. He was expelled from Kano state University of technology, Wudil, Kano state. When he was 300 level. Go and verify, or let Adamu Garba deny this.

Garba said;

What a stale news! My university rustication story is well known all over and fully documented in all my public profiles? Even in my memoir. My story is like those of Jobs, Gates etc.

Adamu then went on to note that he wrote about his rustication in his memoir said to be coming up in June.

He said;

You must always find something out, no matter how stale, for engagements, usual Obidiots styles. If you read my memoir, coming up in this June, you’ll stop ‘waisting’ your time here & be more focused in your life to produce something more meaningful for your future.

You kept missing it. I’ve never worked for Government. I build my business myself, started at 26. I’m now 40.



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