Aboru Aboye Purely Yoruba Language, Not For Ifa Priests – Tope Alabi
Aboru Aboye Purely Yoruba Language, Not For Ifa Priests – Tope Alabi

Tope Alabi, a popular Nigerian gospel singer, has responded to the controversy surrounding a viral video in which she used the Yoruba greeting “Aboru Aboye” and referred to herself as a sacrifice. The video sparked mixed reactions among her fans and Christian leaders.

In a video, Alabi explained that “Aboru Aboye” is a pure Yoruba language greeting and is not exclusive to traditionalists. She emphasized that her use of the language is her unique style as a gospel artist.

Alabi supported her explanation with biblical references, citing instances of sacrifices made by David, Abraham, and Isaac. She also referred to Romans 12:1 to further emphasize the concept of presenting one’s body as a living sacrifice.

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The controversy surrounding Alabi’s use of traditionalist lexicons led an Ifa-priest, Oluwo Jogbodo Orunmila, to suggest that she conduct a DNA test to confirm her ancestry. However, he acknowledged that the phrase “Aboru Aboye” is primarily used by Ifa initiates and explained its origin in Ifa corpus.

Alabi’s response aims to clarify her intentions and emphasize the cultural and linguistic context of her expressions as a gospel artist.


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