60 Cute Things To Say To Your Girlfriend

There are so many lovely words to say to your girlfriend, but here are just a few of our favorites:

1. No one understands me as you do.

2. This morning, I jumped out of bed because I was so excited to see you.

3. Keep in mind that you complete me in such a unique and wonderful way.

4. This Christmas, the only thing I want from Santa is you!

5. You know exactly what I need, even if I don’t say it.

6. You’re the peanut butter to my jelly.

7. My favorite sound in the universe is your laugh.

8. I love you not only for who you are but also for who I become when I am with you.

9. I can’t get enough of you.

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10. Having you in my life means I’ll always have someone I can rely on. Even when you’re not with me, I know you’re just a phone call away.

11. Your voice is my favorite sound, your name is my favorite word, and your hug is my favorite place to be.

12. You’re cute. Can I keep you forever?

13. I feel so lucky to be with you.

1.4 Going through difficult times with you has only strengthened our relationship.

15. I have waited all of my life to be with someone like you.

16. You make every day better.

17. You’re the woman I’ve always wished for.

18. There’s nothing I don’t like about you.

19. I have big plans for us and our future.

20. Some guys seek glory, while others seek money. But, girl, all I want is for you to be by my side.

21. I was so unproductive today. All I did was sit around thinking about you.

22. The best part of me is you.

23. Ever since I met you, no one else has been worth thinking about.

24. I would do anything for you.

25. My whole world revolves around you.

26. Life with you is an adventure.

27. You’re my best friend.

28. If I had to do it all over again, I would still choose you.

29. You are all my heart ever talks about.

30. Whenever I tell you goodbye, I instantly start counting down the seconds until I can see you again.

31. If I could get a star for every time you crossed my mind, I’m sure I’d own the entire galaxy by now.

32. Sweet dreams…I hope I’m in them.

33. Even when you’re not trying, you still look gorgeous.

34. I know you love me because you put up with me even when I’m at my worst.

35. We have such great chemistry.

36. The first time I saw you, my heart skipped a beat.

37. The thought of being with you is the only thing that gets me through a rough day.

38. I made a wish, and you came true.

49. You’re the melody to every love song.

Nice Things To Say to Your Girlfriend

40. When I think about the future, all I see is you.

41. I really want to kiss you right now.

42. I’m so grateful for you and all the things you do for me.

43. If my life was a puzzle, you’d be the final piece that ties it all together.

44. I’m counting down the minutes until I can see you again.

45. No one makes me laugh as you do.

46. It’s not my fault I fell for you–you tripped me!

47. I can’t wait to fall asleep beside you.

48. I’ll always be there for you!

49. I love the feeling of doing life with you.

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50. You are so cute I could just eat you up!

51. I am really glad you chose me out of everyone else.

52. You aren’t just my moon, stars, and sun. You are my entire universe.

52. My face hurts from smiling so much whenever I’m with you.

54. Let’s flip a coin: Heads I’m yours. Tails you’re mine.

55. The concept of soulmates seemed so far-fetched to me until I met you.

56. You look ravishing tonight.

57. Come here please—I want to be closer to you.

58. You’re the answer to all my prayers.

59. I love the way you make me feel.

60. I’ve been missing you for the past 24 hours, 1440 minutes, and 86400 seconds.


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